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We are women of all ages who enjoy learning and having fun while doing good for Israel, the United States, and our own community. For information about our activities, please click on the menu items at the left.





JANUARY 1, 2011 - DECEMBER 31, 2011

Once in a lifetime opportunity!

If you or someone you know is not a life member or an associate of Hadassah, 2011 is the year to become one.


~ All Life/Child Life Memberships and Associate/Child Associate enrollments are $100

~ Celebration price will only be valid from January 1, 2011 thru December 31, 2011

~ A Life Member is either new to Hadassah or an Annual Member who steps up to Life

~ No deductions taken for previous payments

~ Payment plans excluded from offer

~ No refunds will be given to previously purchased Life Memberships or Associate enrollments

~ Annual Memberships will remain at $36

Contact the Region Office for more information or to convert your annual membership to life or make a friend or relative a life member or associate. 952-924-4999 or umregion@hadassah.org

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We invite you to participate in a special opportunity to celebrate Hadassah’s 100th anniversary and share our pride in our organization.

We have developed the Centennial Key campaign so that everyone nationwide can have a remembrance of Hadassah’s important milestone. You and all your Hadassah members, supporters and friends will receive the beautiful sterling silver Centennial Key necklace as a thank you gift when you make a $100 donation to Hadassah’s Centennial Key campaign.


At a recent national convention, the Israeli Speaker of the House, Dahlia Itzik, saw so many women wearing the Centennial Key necklace and thought it was such a beautiful piece, that she requested 30 keys to bring back with her to Israel!

Henrietta Szold, our founder said, “Dare to dream and when you do, dream big.”


With this Centennial Key, we symbolize the dreams Henrietta Szold had almost 100 years ago, the dreams we have today, and those we will have one hundred years from now. Henrietta launched Hadassah by asking other women to participate and to help. Today, it is our turn to ask others to support Hadassah’s life-saving and life-changing work by becoming $100 Centennial Key donors.


Wear your Key, share your Hadassah story, and ask someone to join you in supporting this wonderful organization.


One member shared that she had six Centennial Key donations because whenever someone compliments her on her necklace she tells them they can have one, too, and it’s 100% tax deductible! Consider making a donation and receiving your own Centennial Key necklace.


Together we will reach our goal and celebrate the work we do together!  

 “You are the heart of Hadassah, you hold the Key to the future!”

For further information, please contact the Upper Midwest Region at  (952) 924-4999



Most people are familiar with Hadassah’s life saving work at our two hospitals in Jerusalem and our life-changing work with Youth Aliyah and Hadassah College Jerusalem.

Most know about our Young Judaea Camps and our advocacy efforts in the United States.

But do you know about Hadassah’s humanitarian work around the globe?

In Haiti...
Hadassah doctors and nurses were one of the first to set up operating tents. And they were the FIRST to deliver babies, one named Israel!

In Ethiopia...
Hadassah adopted an orphanage of children who have AIDS, reducing the number of deaths from 25% to 1%. Senior Hadassah doctors participated in a medical relief mission to a rural district in North Ethiopia, operating a mobile outreach clinic providing care to 2,500 patients.

In Kenya...
Within hours of the 2002 terrorist bombing in Mombassa, a rescue team of Hadassah doctors set out to assess the situation and initiate treatment. Hadassah eye surgeons have returned the ability to see to thousands of blind Kenyans. Ophthalmologists from Hadassah routinely spend two years performing surgery in Africa.

In China...
A delegation of our pediatric cardiologists spent 10 days operating on 21 children with heart problems and training local medical staff in the latest catheterization techniques.

In Kazakhstan...
A team of our doctors treated babies suffering from lead poisoning, then trained local doctors to conduct testing and treatment.

In Russia...
Young victims of Chernobyl were treated at the Hadassah Medical Center for leukemia. Hadassah helped train doctors in the life-saving procedure of bone marrow transplantation.

In Sri Lanka...
After the 2009 tsunami, Hadassah sent a team of mental health professionals to teach doctors and medical students strategies for dealing with post-traumatic stress.

In Cambodia...
Senior endodontists from the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine spent part of two summer vacations giving courses to young dentists.

In Egypt...
Egyptian students studied environmental science at the Hadassah-supported Arava Environmental Institute in southern Israel.

Health professionals from all over the world train in the International Master’s of Public Health program at Hadassah Medical Center.

Over the years, Hadassah has helped people all over the globe.
Hadassah believes medicine is a bridge to peace.



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